Recommendations from «Africa Brut» and answers to frequent questions about tour organization in Africa

For most countries, visa-free entry applies to South Africa. You can accurately check which category you belong to in this list.

You can also send a request to our managers, and we will accurately advise you on the visa requirements for your country. Please note that we do not assist with visa applications.

Most tourists are concerned about two exotic diseases: yellow fever and malaria.

Yellow fever: For entry into most African countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is not required. For visiting Tanzania, yellow fever vaccination is recommended but not mandatory. Mandatory vaccination is required for visiting some countries in West and Central Africa, such as Congo, Cameroon, CAR, and others. This vaccination should be done well in advance of the trip.

Malaria: The risk of contracting malaria exists in areas with a warm, humid climate and numerous insects, but the probability of encountering a malaria mosquito is practically zero. Disease vectors are not ubiquitous: they inhabit areas near stagnant water and do not fly more than 8 km. Therefore, the risk of being bitten by a malaria mosquito is high only in places where they reside permanently: in tropical forests, lowlands, swamps, near drying ponds, etc. If you want to protect yourself 100%, follow these recommendations: use high-quality repellents and, if necessary, use special medications (Lariam, Doxycycline, Malarone). There is no vaccination against malaria.

Africa is open to tourists all year round. The continent has over 50 countries, with a wide variety of landscapes and climate zones. For example, the best time to visit Kenya is during the dry seasons, from December to January and from July to August.

Much depends on what you specifically want to see and visit. You can always find the optimal region to visit for a certain period.

Africa is no more dangerous than other regions of the world if you follow reasonable precautions, as in any other journey. The most important thing is to heed the recommendations of the Africa Brut team.

Each tour has an experienced tour leader who is available 24/7 and resolves all organizational issues. The tour leader accompanies tourists throughout the day. They are ready for all activities and know every turn on the route, down to the potholes. All risk factors during the trip are minimized.

Services depend on the tour, and different options are included in different tours. You can find out more about the services in the “What’s Included” section on the tour pages.

As a rule, the price of each tour includes: airport pickup, assistance throughout the trip, excursions specified in the itinerary, accommodation and meals according to the chosen option, all transfers according to the program, professional photography, and a video about the journey.

Of course! If you haven’t found a suitable tour among our ready-made itineraries, we can develop a custom itinerary. All logistics and organization are on us; you just need to specify your preferences, and your dream adventure is ready.

Windproof outerwear is mandatory: a jacket, leather jacket, denim jacket, or windbreaker. This item of clothing will come in handy at any time of the year, even in summer, as the Atlantic Ocean can be surprising. During the day, all four seasons can occur. Therefore, the general set is what can be layered or removed as needed.

Yes, we select tours and programs where both children and parents will be comfortable. For more details, it’s better to consult with a manager.

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