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Garden Route (South Africa)

10 days in Garden Route
Garden Route (South Africa)" alt="main">

Upcoming dates:

  • 19.09.2025 –
  • 07.11.2025 –
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Price per person

$ 4250

In the journey program:

Legendary Cape of Good Hope
Meeting with penguins and seals
Big African 5 safari
Winery tour
Authentic BBQ party
Whale watching
Visit to the Knysna Elephant Park
Cape Agulhas - the place where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet
Tsitsikamma and Robberg park
Enjoy fresh oyster with a ocean view


  • Accommodation in standard double/twin rooms (single with surcharge)
  • Breakfasts
  • Wine tastings
  • Airport transfers
  • All transfers throughout the tour
  • Specified excursions and entrance fees
  • Guidance of a professional tour leader
  • Drinking water in transport at all times
  • Professional photography and travel video

Not included

  • Airfare to and from South Africa
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Beverages and additional alcohol
  • Gratuities and personal expenses
  • Medical insurance
  • Zip-lining
  • Bungee jumping

Day 1


Hello, friends! Welcome to the most vibrant and unforgettable journey — the Garden Route, which begins in the city of Cape Town.

Upon landing at the airport, you’ll already feel the breath of African summer on your faces. While others wait in line for taxis, we’ve already met you and treat you to sparkling wine. This is just the beginning!

The next stop of our journey is Cape Town’s shining star, Lion’s Head! A mountain ready to embrace you and conquer your hearts. As we ascend, you’ll fully enjoy this amazing place and capture this moment with us.

Afterward, we’ll check into a cozy hotel in picturesque Hout Bay. It’s time for mandatory rest and relaxation before we embark on our night adventures. Rest up and get ready for the evening.

The sun sets, but our party is just beginning! Don’t miss the dinner where we’ll indulge in exquisite local cuisine, absorb the atmosphere of real Cape Town, and share impressions of this exciting day. All this with a view of the incredible sunset. So, friends, get ready for an amazing and eventful day that will be remembered for a lifetime!


Day 2


Good morning, travelers! Today awaits us new adventures and amazing discoveries.

We’ll start the day with a delicious breakfast to fuel ourselves with energy and enthusiasm. Then, we’ll take a walk along the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive — a dream road for travel enthusiasts! The views from this road will keep your camera busy every minute.

Next, we’ll meet our next companions in this adventure — penguins. Yes, you heard right! Meeting these charming creatures is a must, and we’ll head to one of the most popular places where they reside. Get ready for plenty of smiles and a sea of positive emotions!

But that’s not all. After getting acquainted with the local fauna, you’ll have the opportunity to try authentic culinary masterpieces of the local cuisine, which will undoubtedly delight your gourmet heart.

Keep up the pace because next awaits us the Cape of Good Hope! This place has a special energy, and the sea breeze will remind us that our life is an endless adventure!

After all these amazing experiences, we’ll return to the hotel, where we can relax and head to dinner, where we’ll not only satisfy our appetite with delicious food but also enjoy the pleasant emotions that this wonderful day brought us!


Day 3


Good morning, gourmets and nature lovers! Today promises amazing taste discoveries and new corners of beautiful nature!

Our first stop is Table Mountain. Our goal is to feel the full beauty of nature and enjoy the stunning views that will open up to us from the top of this mountain. And yes, don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture this moment forever!

After that, we’ll head towards Stellenbosch — the famous winemaking region. The road passes through picturesque landscapes that beckon us!

And here’s the first winery — Babylon. You’ll have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of winemaking and taste authentic African wines. Local varieties will give you an explosion of taste sensations, and lunch among the vineyards will add a special touch of romance and enjoyment to the experience!

We’ll continue our culinary and wine journey, heading to Franschhoek — the “French corner” of Cape Town. This place is known for its fine dining restaurants and cozy streets, which give this town a special charm.

Here we’ll stay for dinner and well-deserved rest in our beautiful hotel. You can enjoy the comfort and relax after a fulfilling day to prepare for the next one.


Day 4


Our next route takes us to the amazing town of Hermanus. The journey there is no less impressive than the town itself! We’ll encounter picturesque views and stunning landscapes that will make our hearts beat faster.

Arriving in Hermanus, we’ll meet local celebrities — whales, seals, and dolphins! This place is famous for its incredible variety of marine life, and interacting with these intelligent and playful creatures will leave unforgettable impressions and bring a sea of positivity.

After exciting marine adventures, our stomachs will demand attention, and we’ll head for a well-deserved lunch. But that’s not the end of pleasant surprises — our new home during our stay in Hermanus awaits us with open doors. After settling in, you can relax and enjoy all the impressions you’ve soaked up during the day.


Day 5


The first stop of the fifth day of our journey is Cape Agulhas. This place of stunning beauty will allow you to admire the endless horizon and the wild beauty of nature, feeling like a part of this incredible world!

Next, we’ll have lunch with oysters and champagne. Get ready for a real gastronomic experience!

After lunch, we’ll head to Massbay — another gem of Cape Town! We’ll arrive in this amazing town to immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of romance and coziness, which reigns here at every step.

You can choose whether to participate in an exciting zip-lining adventure to experience thrills and adrenaline or prefer relaxation and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Regardless of your choice, this moment will be special and unforgettable!

And finally, we’ll end this amazing day with a delicious dinner. We’ll raise our glasses to our successful journey and to all the moments we’ve experienced together!


Day 6


The first stop on our route is the Maritime Museum. Here we can delve into the history of seafaring and learn fascinating stories about the mysterious depths of the ocean.

Afterwards, we have a short transfer to Wilderness — a small but incredibly beautiful resort town. We’ll settle into a cozy villa where we can enjoy comfort and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

After a break at our villa, we’ll have lunch at one of Africa’s best restaurants, where we’ll experience a true festival of flavors. Local delicacies and dishes made from the freshest ingredients will captivate our hearts and make us pledge to return to this place again and again to the chef!

If you’re ready for additional excitement and adrenaline, you have the opportunity to experience paragliding. Taking off from height and soaring into the sky, you’ll see the surrounding beauty from an unusual perspective!

Evening time has come, and we’ll organize a real BBQ party! We’ll light up the grill to enjoy juicy meat and pleasant conversations in a cozy atmosphere.


Day 7


The seventh day of our adventure promises to be amazing!

After a delightful breakfast, we’ll set off for Knysna — a city of beauty and magic! Along the way, we’ll have a little treat — champagne with oysters to set the mood for this wonderful day.

Next up is the main event of the day — meeting elephants! We’ll visit the Knysna Elephant Park, where we’ll encounter these majestic creatures. We’ll observe elephants in their natural habitat and learn a lot about the life and conservation of these amazing animals.

After our elephant encounter, we’ll have lunch at a winery. Here we can taste exquisite local wines and enjoy excellent cuisine surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

Continuing our exciting journey, we’ll head to Plettenberg Bay — a place where our hotel awaits us for relaxation and to enjoy magnificent views of the ocean.

Rest is exactly what we need after a busy day! Breathing in the fresh sea air, we can enjoy leisure time on the beach or by the hotel pool, relishing the peace and tranquility.


Day 8


We’ll start this day by visiting Robberg Park — a unique place where we can enjoy breathtaking landscapes and observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Walking along the park’s trails will surely capture our hearts with its beauty and grandeur.

After the morning walk, it’s time to relax. We can enjoy the tranquility of the ocean and relax on the beach, soaking up the warm rays of the sun and the pleasant sea breeze.

For adrenaline enthusiasts, we have a wonderful option — bungee jumping! We can experience true adventure by jumping from a height and feeling as free as birds in the sky.

The evening promises to be magical! Once again, we’ll host a BBQ party where the most delicious local dishes, friendly atmosphere, and sounds of joyful music will be combined. We’ll grill juicy meat, share impressions of the day, and simply enjoy the company of friends.


Day 9


We’ll embark on a real African safari to see animals in their natural habitat. Hearts will race with anticipation as we explore the vast expanses, observing mighty elephants, swift cheetahs, graceful giraffes, and many other amazing creatures that inhabit this land. It will be an unforgettable adventure that will leave a lasting imprint on our hearts.

After the exciting safari, it’s time for lunch to replenish our energy after the eventful morning. After lunch, we’ll have free time to enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the surrounding nature. We can take a walk in the area, take photos, or simply enjoy the peace enveloped in natural tranquility.

But time inexorably marches on, and the moment of farewell arrives. On the last evening of our adventure, we’ll host a farewell dinner to celebrate all the moments we’ve shared together. It will be a time of joy and warm words as we reminisce about all the fun times and create new memories that will forever remain in our hearts. Let this evening be filled with warmth, smiles, and happiness!


Day 10


It’s time to bid farewell to our amazing African adventure! But don’t worry, friends, because we carry with us hundreds of memories that will always be with us!

In the morning, we’ll head to the airport to begin our journey home. But remember, this is not a goodbye to Cape Town forever, but rather a “see you later”! We’ll definitely return here again to continue our adventure and discover new corners of this wonderful land.

Until the next adventure!

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